Incredible Celebrity Transformations
Vince Vaughn
Weight Lost: 50lbs
Name: Vincent Anthony Vaughn
Birthdate: Mar 28, 1970 (47 Years Old)
Starting Weight: 275lbs Current Weight: 225lbs
Diet: Plant-Based Favorite Diet Foods: Fruit
Exercises: P-90x
Famous For: Old School, Dodgeball, Wedding Crashers
Vince Vaughn
Weight Lost: 50lbs

Vince Vaughn was the definition of a starving actor in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, landing only occasional gigs that mostly included commercials and after school specials. In 1993, Vaughn would finally land his first movie role by playing a Notre Dame football player in “Rudy”, and it was on set that he met longtime friend Jon Favreau. Favreau would end up writing a film called “Swingers”, casting himself and Vaughn as the stars.

The movie helped launch Vaughn’s career, as he landed a spot in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”. His stock would continue to grow over the next few years, especially when he started to appear in more comedies. In the early 2000’s, Vaughn would end up starring in a string of comedy hits that included “Dodgeball”, “Wedding Crashers” and “The Break-Up”.

Much like his buddy Jon Favreau, Vaughn had been in pretty good shape in the 1990’s, but then started to let it go a bit with age. In 2010 when Vaughn had hit 40 years, he started to look drastically different. He was at about 220 pounds during his days in the early 2000’s, which was a healthy weight for someone as tall as he is at 6’5”. His weight would increase to the point where it was estimated that he was somewhere between 280 pounds and even 300 pounds.

The weight started to come on at around 2006 when Vaughn decided to give up cigarettes. Instead of smoking, Vaughn would reach for a snack (since tobacco is an appetite suppressant), leading to a 25 pound weight gain. Vaughn also said that “my wife had a baby and I had an injury, so I put some weight on.” Vaughn would drop the 25 pounds through a healthy diet, saying that “I was vegan for a little while and took up running. I try to avoid dairy, but I still have the occasional piece of pizza.”

The weight loss wouldn’t last though before he started to get to his heaviest weight, but things would change once again in 2012. Vaughn was working on the set of “The Watch” when he had slimmed down once again, opting to drink healthy green shakes for breakfast that contained a lot of vegetables and fruits. He was also working out harder than ever, doing the famous P90x workout routine.

Vaughn’s pal and co-star, Ben Stiller, said that the diet and exercise routine that Vaughn had gotten on “works, it’s great, my wife did it for a while and Vince would have us do…spontaneous plyometric exercises on the set in between takes.” It appeared that Vaughn had started to put some of the weight back on after the movie wrapped up, but he has been able to get his weight back in check since then.

Now at 46 years old, Vaughn was still keeping up with his workouts, and got into great shape for his role on the HBO series “True Detective”. Vaughn was looking much slimmer, and he was still seen munching on fruit that has helped him lose weight in the past. That was back in early 2015 when he was slimmed down once again, but tabloids said in early 2016 that he had gained weight, ripping into the comedian.

They said that he was “spotted waddling through a Los Angeles airport” and that he had “decided to let himself go.” It was quite an attack that Vaughn had faced, but another new version of Vaughn would surface later in the year. In September 2016, Vaughn was spotted with a thinner physique and a bald head after shaving all of his hair off. Fans were surprised to see him during the Chicago Cubs (his favorite sports team) 2016 postseason run with his new look, assuming that he had continued to put on weight.

It turns out that the latest transformation is a part of an upcoming movie called “Brawl in Cell Block 99”. Whether the new look Vaughn sticks around for awhile remains to be seen, but you can probably bet on another transformation in the near future. After that releases, Vaughn will be starring in the Dwayne Johnson/Stephen Merchant project called “Fighting With My Family”, a story about professional wrestling.