Incredible Celebrity Transformations
Val Kilmer
Weight Lost: 100lbs
Name: Val Edward Kilmer
Birthdate: Dec 31, 1959 (57 Years Old)
Starting Weight: 280lbs Current Weight: 180lbs
Diet: Low Carb Favorite Diet Foods: Soup
Exercises: Walking
Famous For: Top Gun, Tombstone, Batman Forever
Val Kilmer
Weight Lost: 100lbs

It was clear that Val Kilmer had a gift for acting when he was a teenager, as he was once the youngest member of the Juilliard School Drama department at just 17 years old. After starting his career out on stage, Kilmer landed the lead role in “Top Secret!”, a comedy in the same vain as films like “Airplane!”. Kilmer would find massive success a couple of years later when he appeared with Tom Cruise in the smash hit “Top Gun”.

Kilmer would prove his range over the next few years, receiving a lot of praise for portraying singer Jim Morrison in “The Doors”. Another big hit for Kilmer came in the form of “Tombstone”, while his most visible role was as the Dark Knight himself in the 1995’s “Batman Forever”. By the end of the decade, Kilmer’s popularity had started to wane as he reached his 40’s, but he was keeping plenty busy. Health problems would take their toll for Kilmer in recent years, though he has made his return to acting with upcoming roles.

It’s hard to tell which one came first in Kilmer’s career between his career declining over the past decade and his gaining weight. Kilmer had to be in tremendous shape to play roles in movies like “Top Gun” and “Batman Forever”, but things would change dramatically. Kilmer would end up gaining weight as he crossed the 40 year old mark to the point where he was hardly recognizable. People were starting to estimate that Kilmer’s weight was getting close to 300 pounds, and the tabloid photos weren’t doing him any favors.

Kilmer’s new weight was the subject of a lot of jokes, and he would end up responding to someone that said he was too “old and fat” to find work anymore. In 2014, Kilmer started to look so much different, and it was in a pretty shocking way. Kilmer shared a photo on Twitter that showcased his weight loss. Although he wasn’t in the best shape, his stomach was looking a lot flatter as he wore a swimsuit on the beach.

While most people would normally praise the actor for shedding all of the extra weight that he put on, people seemed to show more concern than anything. People that had been calling him fat were now calling him “gaunt” and saying that he wasn’t looking healthy. Kilmer responded by saying that “I have been urged by friends to post something about my perfect health and weight loss. Can’t win in this crazy town. Too heavy for too many years, and now gossip says, too thin!”

Reportedly, Kilmer wasn’t following any obscene diet or exercise program to lose the weight, and that it came off with regular diet and exercise with long walks. Unfortunately, it appeared that there might have been another reason for his weight loss, and that it almost cost him his life. Reports came out nearly two years ago that Kilmer was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to have a tumor removed from his throat.

After the surgery, Kilmer started to wear scarves and high neck collars, though he said that he never had a tumor removed from his throat. Kilmer was still drawing concern, though, as he was looking thinner than ever. Good news would come later in 2016, as Kilmer was no longer cover his neck and didn’t need a tracheostomy tube that he had once wearing underneath.

Kilmer didn’t look as thin after he had started to recover, but that was a good thing. He was looking scarily thin during that time and now seems to be in great health. The door is now open for a comeback as Kilmer looks the best that he’s had in the past 20 years.

In April 2017, Kilmer admitted that he actually did have cancer, which was cause for his dramatic weight loss. It wasn’t clear whether or not Kilmer had fully healed, as he claimed that his tongue is still swollen, but also healing. Hopefully, Kilmer does recover fully from his cancer diagnosis, and continues to look healthier these days.