Incredible Celebrity Transformations
Theresa Caputo
Weight Lost: 30lbs
Name: Theresa Caputo
Birthdate: Jun 10, 1966 (51 Years Old)
Starting Weight: 170lbs Current Weight: 140lbs
Diet: Low Carb, Low Calorie Favorite Diet Foods: Kale, Quinoa
Exercises: Weightlifting, Cardio
Famous For: Long Island Medium
Theresa Caputo
Weight Lost: 30lbs

While the business of mediums that speak with the dead has always been a topic of debate between people, there have been several that have achieved fame over the years. One of the more recent additions to the famous medium lexicon is Theresa Caputo, a New York native that grew up on Long Island. Caputo said that she first started communicating with the dead at just four years old, and has made a career from it.

In 2011, Caputo’s career became part of the mainstream, as she landed a reality show on TLC called “Long Island Medium”, which is still airing today. Caputo also goes on tours and has written a pair of books about communicating with departed relatives. Though you might not believe in being able to speak with the dead, one thing you can’t deny is Caputo looking much different these days.

Caputo had been very thin for much of her life, but you could certainly see a contrast between when she started to become famous and her younger days. Over the course of about 15 to 20 years, it was estimated that Caputo had put on about 40 pounds. Though she wasn’t considered to be in bad health or even severely overweight, she was definitely more curvy than she was while in her 20’s.

Caputo admitted that a part of her weight gain was because she hated exercising, and held off for many years. When the cameras started to focus more on Caputo and her career, she decided to suck it up and start hitting the gym. Before making the decision, Caputo was putting away cheeseburgers, french fries and onion rings, admitting that it was her favorite meal. While adding exercise, Caputo would also change her eating habits.

These days, Caputo said that “My real lunch would be probably a kale and quinoa salad with grilled chicken,” while dinner would normally consist of pasta. As for breakfast, Caputo used to eat a lot of French toast because it was her late grandmother’s specialty, but now usually goes for a protein bar and water. “I have to try to be healthy,” she said. “I can’t be eating French toast. I’m a big cereal person…oatmeal and a bowl of Raisin Bran or Cheerios is my favorite.”

It wasn’t just the mainstream attention that caused Caputo to change her eating habits. She said that speaking with spirits made her realize that she needed a lifestyle change, which caused her to stop smoking more than 20 years ago for starters. It’s estimated that people who quit smoking gain around 10 pounds, and Caputo was one of the people that had to deal with putting on weight after giving up cigarettes.

Caputo said that once the cravings were gone, she was able to start eating right. “I can’t be putting toxins and things into my body,” she said. “I started to eat really healthy, and then once I started this whole thing with television and being on the road so much and not having a normal life, I had to start eating organically.” Caputo still sticks to her clean eating regimen, as well as dedicating a lot of her time to the gym.

For her workouts, Caputo says that she hits the gym a minimum of four times each week, and sometimes has five or six gym sessions each week. It’s not an easy task, either, as Caputo says her workout includes hitting the treadmill, lifting weights and doing both burpees and situps. It’s a full range of exercises that has helped Caputo trim down, losing an estimated 30 pounds in the past decade.

Caputo mainly stays away from soft drinks, instead opting for water or coffee through most of the day. In fact, Caputo admits that she drinks at least six cups of coffee on a daily basis. When she feels like indulging, Caputo will eat a cheeseburger with no bun or french fries on the side, and will have the occasional frozen yogurt. While they don’t seem like healthy foods, she does take the healthiest options even when digging in so she can control calorie and carbohydrate intake.

Working out and talking to spirits have gone hand in hand with Caputo’s life, however. Though she says that she “can’t picture” a day without exercise, she does still hear spirits talking while she’s exercising. “I try not to say anything” she said. “I work out at a real hardcore gym so there’s all these tough guys, and I know as I’m working out they’re all talking to their dead relatives.” She still tries to maintain focus, putting off conversations with spirits until after she’s finished her workout.

Caputo has made tremendous strides since her first season on “Long Island Medium”. Back then, she said that she was lazy, and it was clear that she was out of shape and struggling with her weight. Now, she’s a total gym rat that dedicates most of her mornings to working out, having a dramatic transformation. It can be incredibly hard to go from a couch potato to a fitness freak when you get close to 50 years old, but the “Long Island Medium” has done just that!