Incredible Celebrity Transformations
Tess Holliday
Weight Lost: 40lbs
Name: Ryann Maegen Hoven
Birthdate: Jul 5, 1985 (32 Years Old)
Starting Weight: 320lbs Current Weight: 280lbs
Diet: Low Calorie Favorite Diet Foods: Unknown
Exercises: Cardio, Swimming, Hiking
Famous For: Plus Size Modeling, Social Media Following
Tess Holliday
Weight Lost: 40lbs

The world of plus size fashion modeling has certainly become more popular in the internet era, especially with social media leading the movement. Every movement has to have a face, of course, and the one most associated with plus size modeling has to be Tess Holliday. Born as Ryann Maegen Hoven, Holliday had a rough childhood that included a lot of bullying, as she had always been overweight.

The bullying in school became so bad that Holliday dropped out of high school, and at a size 16 decided to start modeling. Holliday moved to Seattle and then bounced around the country before heading to Los Angeles to rev up her career. After making some appearances in advertising campaigns, Holliday started to become a household name. While being the face of plus size modeling, Holliday’s weight continued to climb.

Holliday started using terms such as “Eff Your Body Standards” back in 2014, a mantra that’s still popular with plus size women on social media today. However, some expressed concern for Holliday because of her size, saying that she’s jeopardizing her health. Holliday first became pregnant in 2014, and has had children in both 2015 and 2016. Two pregnancies in such a short amount of time left the 5’3” model weighing in at more than 300 pounds.

At her highest weight, Holliday was wearing size 26 clothing, and it seemed that most of her fans were encouraging her to not only keep the weight on, but to continue packing on the pounds. With a backlash of the plus size movement that other models have faced after losing a tremendous amount of weight, Holliday was at a bit of a crossroads.

Holliday didn’t seem too concerned about the numbers on the scale, but did decide to get healthier by adding exercise to her routine. Holliday says that she started working with a personal trainer three to four times per week, while also adding in physical hobbies that include swimming and hiking. This was a big proponent of the “Health at any size” movement, though there were still some critics.

Holliday stated that she would never want to diet, because she says that they don’t work. However, people started to notice that Holliday was starting to slim down a bit as a result of using a personal trainer, and she was no longer over 300 pounds. In fact, Holliday has dropped to a reported 280 pounds, but is embracing her current figure.

Instead of focusing on furthering her weight loss, Holliday said that “Our society is so ingrained to think that all bodies, especially bigger ones, shouldn’t be respected and appreciated, it’s heartbreaking.” She added that “We all deserve to be treated with dignity…and should demand that of those around us.” There were plus size models around Holliday that were losing significant weight, though, including Ashley Graham and Rosie Mercado, who lost well over 200 pounds.

Holliday doesn’t seem to be too concerned with shedding that much weight, instead focusing on eating the way that she pleases while trying to keep her health intact by hitting the gym multiple times per week. There are always going to be people that criticize Holliday whether she loses weight, gains it or remains the same, but she’s learned to accept that and ignore those that comment on social media or websites across the internet.

One of the biggest critics was Steve Miller, a weight loss expert that was quite harsh about Holliday not further her weight loss. Miller said that “The last thing we want to see is a plus size American barging into UK shores showing us how it’s cool to eat junk, eat huge portions and love your fat.” Holliday has issued multiple responses to commenters like that, saying that she’s not going to diet to fit another standard.

When asked if she’s promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, Holliday said that she wasn’t, adding that “I know that I’m fat, but I think people completely miss the point of me trying to educate women, and show them that it’s okay to be who you are and love yourself.” With the recent influx of larger models losing weight through surgery or dieting, Holliday says that she doesn’t plan on joining the ranks, happy with the way she is now after losing the baby weight.

“We are surrounded by our heroes getting weight loss surgery, pedaling fitness to us instead of true self love and acceptance,” she said. “It genuinely feels like there is just no place for girls like me.” While you can never rule it out, Holliday says that she won’t be opting for dramatic measures to lose weight like some of her colleagues have.

Holliday said that “For those of you reaching trying to say I don’t support (weight loss surgery), I never said that…I have an issue with people getting it and then shaming their body ‘before,’” adding that “If you want to lose weight – cool. Your body is your choice. But don’t say how gross you were, etc.’”

As it sits now, Hollidays’ weight is still hovering around 280 pounds and plans to keep it that way. It’s a bit slimmer than her highest weight of over 300 pounds, but she’s currently at a BMI of 49.6, which is considered well into the obese category. There could be a change of heart someday for Holliday, but don’t expect it to be anytime soon.