Incredible Celebrity Transformations
Shonda Rhimes
Weight Lost: 127lbs
Name: Shonda Lynn Rhimes
Birthdate: Jan 13, 1970 (47 Years Old)
Starting Weight: 297lbs Current Weight: 170lbs
Diet: Low Carb Favorite Diet Foods: Fish and Salad
Exercises: Cardio
Famous For: How to Get Away with Murder, Grey?s Anatomy, Scandal
Shonda Rhimes
Weight Lost: 127lbs

Shonda Rhimes has always wanted to tell stories, so she set out to achieve her goal by attending college at Dartmouth College, an Ivy League university. She then went to the University of Southern California to hone her screenwriting skills, and was landing internships. Rhimes would work on several different productions, and wrote her first movie in 2001 in the form of “Crossroads”. The movie starred Britney Spears and was called one of the worst of the year, but Rhimes would not be deterred.

Rhimes would then write “The Princess Diaries 2”, and the next year she would find her longest running success. Rhimes, who had previous experience working in a hospital, created a treatment for a show called “Grey’s Anatomy”. The show would debut in 2005, and is still running today. The show produced a spin-off called “Private Practice”, and Rhimes has had plenty of other shows, too, that include “Scandal”, “How to Get Away with Murder” and “The Catch”.

Rhimes had been in a constant battle with her weight throughout most of her life, but her weight really started to become a problem after having three children. Rhimes was flying on an airplane from Los Angeles to New York City on first class (which typically has larger seats). Rhimes had gotten so large in recent years that the seatbelt on the airplane seat wouldn’t buckle, and she went the whole flight without wearing one because she was too embarrassed to ask for a larger seat belt extender.

The incident, combined with having three daughters, caused Rhimes to try something new in her life. Rhimes decided that she was going to take a year in which she said “yes” to things that she would normally be afraid of. Picking up a weight loss regimen was included in her book “The Year of Yes” that followed her journey. “It was a complete byproduct of the whole thing,” Rhimes said. “It wasn’t the goal, it wasn’t part of it. One of the yeses was, I can’t say yes to everything and not say yes to taking care of yourself and not say yes to health.”

With her work schedule and family schedule, Rhimes knew how much work she could put into her health if she started to focus on it. “I work so hard at everything that I do,” she said. “I work my butt off at work and I work hard at being a mother, why do I think losing weight would be easy?” The weight would start coming off for Rhimes, and she lost nearly 100 pounds in the first year. Over the next few months, her weight would continue to drop until she had shed nearly 130 pounds.

In an interview, Rhimes said that “It’s just about feeling good. I feel good and really healthy. And I’m going to work to stay in that space.” The weight loss has given Rhimes a lot of energy, and has helped her with her relationship with her three daughters. After being able to play with her three year old to the point where Rhimes was not worn out at all, she said “I sat down and burst into tears because I really sort of realized that…a year ago- I might have literally died. That would’ve given me a heart attack.”

Rhimes said that following the diet wasn’t always the easiest, and that she lowered her expectations to make it easier. She still is eating “everything I want to eat. I tried to make it much less and smaller portions, but what’s happened is, is that you change what your palate wants.”Rhimes is still trying to keep the weight off as she has only been about a year removed from debuting her transformation. She has still been looking slimmer over the summer, in hopes that she can keep that figure for life.

With two of her series coming to an end in 2017, Rhimes has turned her attention to producing. Over the coming months, Rhimes will be producing a handful of television movies that include “Black’s Law” and “Show & Tell”. Even if she doesn’t get back to writing shows, the much slimmer Rhimes is not even close to done in show business.