Incredible Celebrity Transformations
Sharon Rooney
Weight Lost: 25lbs
Name: Sharon Rooney
Birthdate: Oct 22, 1988 (28 Years Old)
Starting Weight: 225lbs Current Weight: 200lbs
Diet: Low Calorie Favorite Diet Foods: Unknown
Exercises: Cardio
Famous For: My Mad Fat Diary, Two Doors Down, Brief Encounters
Sharon Rooney
Weight Lost: 25lbs

One of the best ways to get into acting is by cutting your teeth on stage in the comedy scene. That’s what Glasgow, Scotland native Sharon Rooney did as a teenager, leaving school to try and make it into show business. After several years of performing on stage, Rooney got her big break by landing the lead role of Rae Earl on the series “My Mad Fat Diary”. Though it wasn’t a long lasting series, it was quite popular and ran for two years.

Rooney has continued to be a television star in the past four years, landing lead roles in shows such as “Brief Encounters” and other roles in “Two Doors Down”, “Zapped”, “Stag” and more. “My Mad Fat Diary” remains Rooney’s most memorable role to date so far, though, and it’s a show that deals with the struggles of personality and weight.

In the series, Rooney’s character had just left a psychiatric hospital, and it’s revealed that she was weighing in at around 225 pounds. There are a lot of messages about body image contained within the show, and for Rooney, it was a personal show as she grew up in a similar situation in regards to self esteem.

Rooney has said that she doesn’t like her picture being taken, and that she was subject to a lot of teasing and bullying while growing up. “All my classmates were really pretty,” Rooney said. “Lovely girls and they all looked really good and were the perfect size…I thought being castable meant you had to look a certain way, be a certain way.” According to Rooney, she didn’t think that she’d be the one in her class that achieved fame first.

Despite not getting many of the roles that she wanted and being teased as a youngster, Rooney said that her weight personally didn’t bother her. “I’ve always looked the same,” she said. “I’ve just been bigger. It’s never been an issue, but I can see why in this industry it can be a nightmare…People need to remember it’s not all about what size your clothes are.”

After the series ended in 2014, it appeared that Rooney decided to try and slim down a bit. Since she didn’t have to play a 225 pound character anymore, Rooney was free to do what she pleased with her weight. People that were close to Rooney said she wanted to try and get different roles outside of being typecast, which led to a temporary slimdown. It appeared to work, as Rooney was landing several different roles outside of “My Mad Fat Diary”. It’s also said that Rooney started fitting in some cardio workouts and was cutting back on takeout food.

While Rooney didn’t reveal how much weight she had lost after the series had ended, it’s estimated that she dropped down to around 200 pounds. Rooney admitted that there were some pressures to slim down from outside sources. When asked about the pressure, Rooney said that “I think it’s always been around, but I think now with the internet it’s a lot harder.” Rooney, unlike many other celebrities though, said that she doesn’t deal with personal attacks from trolls on social media.

After getting down to her lowest weight, Rooney said that “I don’t think it should ever make a difference (what someone’s weight is). In my opinion, someone is a great person if they’re a great person – I don’t like people for the way they look…What someone weighs, not interested. If you’re a happy and nice person, come and join my team.” Throughout the entire time, Rooney maintained that you can’t tell how happy someone is personally just by their weight at the time.

Over the past couple of years, however, it seems that Rooney has regained much of the weight, as showcased on some of her more recent roles. Some have even said that Rooney is actually heavier now than when she was starring on “My Mad Fat Diary”. According to Rooney, though, she doesn’t seem to mind much about her size and is enjoying her life and career.

There have been quite a few weight fluctuations for Rooney since her career got kicked off, but that happens to many of us out there as yo-yo dieting is quite common. Rooney’s advice is to love yourself no matter what the scale happens to say at the time and focus on keeping yourself happy. “You have to be content with who you are,” she said. “I think if people were just a bit more accepting of themselves, they’d get on a lot better.”

When talking about the legacy of her character that specifically addressed her weight on several occasions, Rooney said that “I just feel proud of that character, and how unlike other teens on TV she is. Because you walk down the street and everyone’s different in their own way. It’s the way it should be.” Rooney continues to be different than many of the other actresses out there, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.