Incredible Celebrity Transformations
Raini Rodriguez
Weight Lost: 25lbs
Name: Raini Rodriguez
Birthdate: Jul 1, 1993 (24 Years Old)
Starting Weight: 170lbs Current Weight: 145lbs
Diet: Fruits and Vegetables Favorite Diet Foods: Green Smoothies
Exercises: Cardio
Famous For: Austin and Ally, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Raini Rodriguez
Weight Lost: 25lbs

The Rodriguez family has quietly been making a big name for themselves in Hollywood over the past few years. You might recognize Rico Rodriguez from the hit sitcom “Modern Family”, but he’s not the only one. Rico’s older sister Raini has been in Hollywood for a decade now, and had her first notable role in 2009 by playing the titular character’s daughter in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”. Rodriguez has been both on camera and has worked in voice acting ever since.

Perhaps Rodriguez’s most memorable role to date come on the series “Austin and Ally” as she played Trish on the Disney Channel series. Rodriguez has earned herself a handful of awards, as well, earning a 2013 Imagen Award for Best Young Actress in Television for her role on “Austin and Ally”.

Rodriguez was a bit of a standout when it came to appearing on the Disney Channel, a network that had been the topic of conversation for years about the way they promote body image. Without many plus size young stars, Rodriguez was one of the first to be featured on the network. At 5’2” and an estimated 170 pounds, there weren’t many others that looked like Rodriguez.

Towards the end of her run on “Austin and Ally”, Rodriguez started to get a bit healthier, even drinking more smoothies that were based off of vegetables. When asked if she could give herself some younger advice, Rodriguez said that she would tell herself to “Try the green drinks sooner. I know you don’t like vegetables, but trust me, they’re really good for you and they’re not that bad.”

A change in eating habits was also made easier because of her series coming to an end. Outside of meeting all of her castmates and becoming friends with them, Rodriguez said the best part of her job was the free food. Still, Rodriguez didn’t feel pressured by the network like other past stars have said, saying that “I feel no pressure at all (to fit the perceived mold). I’m so thankful to Disney for the experience. I have an awesome fan base that I can’t wait to keep growing with.”

Rodriguez didn’t reveal specifically what she was doing in terms of exercise to help shed weight, but sometimes simply changing your eating habits can lead to a pretty significant weight loss. By replacing high calorie catering foods with vegetables such as broccoli and kale within a smoothie, you can save yourself a few hundred calories on a daily basis. Replacing 200 calories per day over the course of a year can lead to a weight loss of nearly 21 pounds.

It appears that that was the case for Rodriguez, who has slimmed down an estimated 25 pounds since wrapping up “Austin and Ally” two years ago. Since that was her last significant role with the series finale airing in 2016, Rodriguez hasn’t been around the catering table much, either, helping her to maintain her weight loss.

Despite all of her confidence and ability to steal scenes while on the screen, there are always trolls on the internet that like to comment on her weight. Instead of letting that get to her, Rodriguez has always stayed the course and been happy with what she’s doing in her career. With the support of her family, Rodriguez is enjoying her time in Hollywood while also breaking through a lot of barriers when the odds were stacked against her.

As for what’s on the horizon for Rodriguez, nothing has been confirmed just yet. Still taking some time off because of her father passing away in 2017 and the natural break that comes after a long running series like “Austin and Ally” coming to an end, Rodriguez is focusing on herself and her family first before restarting her career. At just 24 years old, Rodriguez has plenty of time to continue making her mark on Hollywood and getting rid of the misconceptions that people have about what a leading star can look like.

Her brother Rico has been doing the same thing on the male side of things, and the young sibling duo has been winning plenty of awards along the way. With as tight knit as they are, it’s only a matter of time before they start a project together. A lot of their fans can’t wait to see that, and it would be sure to be a success if it happens.