Incredible Celebrity Transformations
Linda Hogan
Weight Lost: 35lbs
Name: Linda Marie Claridge
Birthdate: Aug 24, 1959 (57 Years Old)
Starting Weight: 180lbs Current Weight: 145lbs
Diet: Vegan Favorite Diet Foods: Vegan Burgers
Exercises: Cardio
Famous For: Hogan Knows Best, Couple's Therapy, Wrestling the Hulk
Linda Hogan
Weight Lost: 35lbs

Just one year after graduating high school, Linda Claridge would get her first taste of show business when she appeared on “Match Game”, winning the celebrity game show on her episode. Not too long after that, Claridge met professional wrestler Hulk Hogan in Los Angeles while the two were at a restaurant, and started up a relationship. In 1983, the two would become married, and Linda adopted the name Linda Hogan.

We didn’t see much of Linda in front of the cameras while her husband was leg dropping opponents in the wrestling ring in front of crazed fans for many years. Over more than 20 years of marriage, however, it appeared that Linda Hogan wasn’t hitting the gym quite as often, and was about 40 to 50 pounds heavier than when we first saw her on “Match Game”.

Hogan was on full display on the reality series “Hogan Knows Best” that featured the entire family, including daughter Brooke and son Nick.

The show would end up being cancelled two years later, and it turned out that the marriage between Linda and Hulk Hogan wasn’t headed for a good place. The two would become divorced in 2009. Linda said it was a bit of a relief to break things off after nearly a quarter century of marriage, and it helped her to collect herself and get back into shape.

Linda said that she stopped blaming herself once they divorced. “Women tend to take all the blame (when things go wrong) and think ‘maybe I should have lost weight or I should have been skinnier or prettier or smarter,’” she said. “I’ve moved on. It’s not worth shedding one more tear for – I don’t feel sorry for myself anymore.”
At the time when Linda was featured on “Hogan Knows Best”, it was estimated that she was weighing in at about 180 pounds. At 5’9”, that doesn’t make her dangerously overweight, but higher than it had been in the past and higher than what she wanted her weight to be. In the years since, Hogan has slimmed down tremendously and is now an estimated 145 pounds, putting her solidly into the normal BMI category.

Though Linda wasn’t too detailed about what she was doing to lose an estimated 35 pounds, she noted that she had been in the gym more often, and was more mindful of what she ate. The biggest part of being able to control her eating was being out on her own and no longer married, though her relationship with a much younger man was highly publicized. The two have since split, but Hogan is still keeping up a healthier lifestyle.

Linda isn’t the only female member of the Hogan family to start losing weight after the family split up, as her daughter Brooke also slimmed down notably. Brooke said that she started working out twice a day to lose an estimated 20 pounds, mainly sticking to running just like her mother. Instead of health reasons, though, Brooke said that the only reason she concerns herself with dieting is because she’s in the limelight.

If you’re looking to lose weight like Linda and Brooke Hogan, though, running is a good way to go. Running at a jogging pace of 10 minutes per mile for an entire hour will take you six miles. At 180 pounds (Linda’s estimated starting weight), she was able to burn nearly 850 calories per mile. It’s estimated that someone with Linda’s stats would burn 1,800 calories per day just from simply being alive. Adding in another 850 brings that to 2,650 calories. With that said, Linda could still eat 1,650 calories per day and lose a healthy two pounds per week.

Without the worry of cameras following her every move now that the news from the divorce died down, Linda has been able to spend a lot of time in the gym without having to worry about making public appearances. It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from her on an extensive basis, but recent photos have shown that she’s sticking to her weight loss regimen.

Not many 57 year olds are still rocking bikinis and making it work, but Linda Hogan is doing just that. Sure, there have been some rumors that she’s had a little bit of work done to maintain her curvy bikini figure, but she has put in a lot of hard work to stay trim over the past decade. She has also adopted a vegan lifestyle, as she’s an avid animal rights activist. While not everybody has had success in losing weight while avoiding meat, Hogan has certainly proved that it can be done, no matter what age you are.

While we probably won’t see Linda in a wrestling ring with her daughter (and especially her ex-husband), she’s definitely in fighting shape. For now, much of her future appears to be invested in both activism and writing. She already has one tell-all called “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes”, so it’s only a matter of time before she’s showing off on the press circuit again!